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Clean Room

The Cleanrooms we deal in are the controlled environments, where pollutants can be filtered out such as dust, aerosol particles and airborne microbes. These can make the cleanest area possible. These are suited for manufacturing different products such as pharmaceutical products, electronics etc.

Fan Filter Units
Fan Filter Units are designed and supplied by our workers, by making use of super grade of raw materials and upgraded technology. They act as a perfect and most cost-effective solution for constructing the clean room. These units are very convenient for the user and integrated with a blower and filtration system.

Air Curtains

The Air curtains are made to release the warm air. These are suited for maintaining the temperatures of the restaurant and do away with the exchanging of hot and cold air. In this way, these can prevent draft. They are designed to provide cool air in the business building.

Clean Room Cabinets
Clean Room Cabinets are used to store garments and other stuffs, which are used in the controlled environments. They are also great choice for the pharmaceutical, medical, food, electronics industry for protecting the products from airborne contaminants. These cabinets are economical as well as very effective to use. 

Laminar Flow Bench

Laminar Flow Benches we offer are carefully surrounded benches, which have been designed to avert contamination of biological samples and semiconductor wafers. They provide a smooth and laminar flow.

Pass Box

Pass boxes are suited to transfer the materials between two quarters of equal cleanliness levels. These have been designed for negligible personnel movement. The said boxes are used to transfer materials and find suitability in the controlled environments. 

Air Cooling Systems

The Air Cooling Systems we deal in are commonly utilized to attain the more comfy interior environment. These are used to cool as well as dehumidify the rooms occupied with heat-making electronic devices. Offered systems are compatible with power amplifiers, computer servers etc.

Air Shower

The Air showers we offer make effective use of the high-velocity streams of HEPA- or ULPA-filtered air. These have the capacity to remove the surface particulates.

PVC Strip Curtains

The PVC Strip Curtains we deal in are made from transparent or colored plastic. These are suitable to divide sheds and rooms. Advantages of these are so many. They can retaining heat as well as chilled air. Also, these curtains can improve the safety of workplace.

Garment Stocker

The Garment Stockers allow for the automatic air flow and work with functional efficiency in all aspects. These are the portable units of high functionality and improved effectiveness.

Sampling Booth
We are dealing in Sampling Booth, which can remove the powder contamination. These can ensure the protection of the operator and allow for simple weighing, dispensing and mixing of powder
HVAC Duct And Insulation

The HVAC Duct And Insulation can lessen the heat loss & gain. They offer good performance with the help of duct walls. In a way, these are contributing to the energy conservation and control the moisture condensation.

Clean Room Garment Cubicles

Supplied Clean Room Garment Cubicles we deal in are widely suited for the storage of clean apparel. These have been equipped with HEPA filter as well as U.V. germicidal tube. In addition, these are safest solutions, which make the garments free from bacterial contamination.

Air Washer Unit is an industrial unit with a pre-filter used to remove allergens and dust particles of any space. While removing dust, pollen and other particles, this unit can add moisture to the space using evaporative principle technology.